Chaoscam HC1 Full-HD Dashcam

//Chaoscam HC1 Full-HD Dashcam

Chaoscam HC1 Full-HD Dashcam


Discreet design which separates the lens from the device, as can be seen from the photo, if spotted from outside of the vehicle, mostly will be mistaken for a blue tooth device or some kind of sensor. All other dashcams look like a GPS on your windscreen, bulky and  bulky and very visible.


  • 170 degree vision (Most of the dashcams in the market have only 120, 140 or 150 degrees.
  • Full HD video quality
  • Battery: Capacitor vs Lithium Battery


Lithium Batteries will overheat and have faults or sometimes even explode because of the heat. For example if you park your car outside in the sun for few hours, the temperature inside of the car can go up to 60, 70 even 80 degrees, A lithium battery is definitely not a good idea, but most of the dashcam’s in the market are using lithium battery because of the cost.

Our HC1 uses a capacitor.

A capacitor stores electrical current unlike a lithium battery that stores energy through a chemical process, this means a capacitor is completely unaffected by high temperatures. Capacitors are also widely used in Space shuttles, satellites and airplanes because of the ext sattelites and airplanes because of the extreme temperatures and pressures involved.

ChaosCam HC1 Specifications

  • Screen 2.7″ 16:9 TFT (960X240)
  • Sensor Size 3 mega pixels
  • Lens Perspective 170°
  • Aperture 1.8 maximum light
  • ISO Range 100 – 1600
  • Memo Memory (speed) DDR3 1GB
  • Image Stabilizer Supported
  • Video Resolution 1080P 1920×1080 / 720P 1280×720
  • File Format Picture : Jpeg
  • Video : MOV H.264
  • White Balance Automatic
  • Colour Effect Standard / Black & White
  • Seamless Video
  • Motion Detection
  • Date Stamp
  • Memory Card Includes a 16GB MicroSD
  • Language 1) English 2) French 3) Spanish
  • 4) Portuguese 5) German 6) Italian 7) Simplified Chinese
  • 8) Traditional Chinese 9) Russian 10) Japanese
  • TTV System NTSC / PAL
  • Micro USB USB power and data supported