Connects2 CT35-10AWG

Connects2 CT35-10AWG


10 AWG 400 Watt Amp Wiring Kit – Contains 5.2M of 10 AWG clear red power cable. 0.6M of 10AWG clear black ground cable. 4.6M of transparent RCA cable. 5.2M of solid blue 18AWG amp remote cable. 5.2M of clear speaker cable. 1.8M of split loom tubing. ATC fuse holder + ATC fuse (30A). 2 x 4.3mm fork terminals. 2 x 3.9mm female spade terminals. 2 x 5.7mm female spade terminals. 1 x Grommet. 3 x ATC fuses

Features & Benefits

  • For the installation of aftermarket amplifiers
  • Complete kit with all components required