Connects2 LINKQ

Connects2 LINKQ

As an LOC, the linkQ is the perfect solution for an easy subwoofer upgrade with any factory system. It can accept speaker level signals from factory radios or high voltage amplifiers all the way up to 40Vrms. With its adjustable paragraphic EQ and included remote level control, the LinkQ has the essential tools needed to optimize bass performance. It’s also a line driver for use with aftermarket head units, but can also serve as the master volume pre-amp for portable devices with stand-alone systems in power sports applications.

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Features & Benefits

  • 2-Channel LOC or Line Driver
  • Remote Level Control
  • Paragraphic EQ
  • Differential Balanced Inputs
  • Low Impedance Outputs
  • Variable Gain with Clip LED
  • Auto Turn-On via DC-Offset or Audio
  • Generated +12V Remote Output
  • OEM Load Detect Compatible
  • Selectable Ground Isolation
  • Locking Detachable Pwr/Spk Terminals
  • Panel Mount RCA Jacks
  • Compact Aluminium Chassis
  • Detachable Mounting Tabs