Safety Film Tint & Anti Smash and Grab

At Rivonia Car Sound we install high quality Safety Film Tint- Anti Smash and Grab!

 call/mail for pricing: / 0118076156 / 0723090001

As winter is just around the corner Smash and Grab is becoming a trend in the following areas

  1. CNR Rivonia and N1 freeway
  2. CNR Rivonia and Witkoppen
  3. CNR Maxwell and Edison crescent
  4. CNR Maxwell and Woodmead drive

If you are in this area between 16:00-19:59 take caution

Keep all windows closed and doors locked while stationary at intersections

Keep valuables out of sight

Be on the look out for suspicious characters

Be wary of the people standing at intersections

Never open your windows for anyone

Leave space between vehicles , it give you chance to move when threatened

Don’t talk on cellphone when stationery at robots or intersection , as it makes you an easy target

Kindly share for other homeowners

Let’s keep safe and together we can fight the crime.

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