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Safety Film Tint & Anti Smash and Grab

Benefits of Anti Smash & Grab Safety Film:

• Protects you and your belongings from smash and grab attacks by slowing down intruder access into the vehicle, giving you more time to escape
• In the event of an accident, this film protects you from sharp hazardous glass splinters
• Protects your vehicle’s upholstery from fading due to UV rays
• Reduces solar energy by 45% and blocks 99% of UV rays entering the vehicle
• Reduces glare, excessive heat and helps to prevent skin conditions such as premature aging and cancer
• Increases comfort in your vehicle and provides enhanced safety and security
• Options (a range of thicknesses and tints):
• 100 micron – available in clear, 20%, 35% and 50% (visible light transmittance)
• 150 micron – available in 35% and 50% (visible light transmittance)

At Rivonia Car Sound we install high quality Safety Film Tint- Anti Smash and Grab!

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