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Safety Film Tint & Anti Smash and Grab

Benefits of Anti Smash & Grab Safety Film:

• Protects you and your belongings from smash and grab attacks by slowing down intruder access into the vehicle, giving you more time to escape
• In the event of an accident, this film protects you from sharp hazardous glass splinters
• Protects your vehicle’s upholstery from fading due to UV rays
• Reduces solar energy by 45% and blocks 99% of UV rays entering the vehicle
• Reduces glare, excessive heat and helps to prevent skin conditions such as premature aging and cancer
• Increases comfort in your vehicle and provides enhanced safety and security
• Options (a range of thicknesses and tints):
• 100 micron – available in clear, 20%, 35% and 50% (visible light transmittance)
• 150 micron – available in 35% and 50% (visible light transmittance)

At Rivonia Car Sound we install high quality Safety Film Tint- Anti Smash and Grab!

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  • call/mail for pricing: / 0118076156 / 0723090001 Nano Liquid Glass Protector is a unique, long-lasting, polymer coating that creates a hydrophobic (water repellent) surface on the glass. Using propriety nano-chemistry originally developed for the space program, NLGP penetrates deep into the micro crevices of glass; chemically bonding to its surface. It’s slick, durable coating provides several key benefits others can’t. First, it improves scratch resistance 5 to 10 times more than untreated glass. This increases your windshield’s resistance to chips from rocks and pitting from sand and other atmospheric debris. Secondly, its hydrophobic properties boost visibility and reduce night glare while driving in the rain. Thirdly, NLGP last longer than other glass coatings because it chemically bonds to the glass. It’s simply not affected by detergents, road salt, sand abrasion, wiper agitation and other airborne debris. NLGP will last through hundreds of washes and years of driving in the rain and heat.
    call/mail for pricing: / 0118076156 / 0723090001